Ronald 1


Rooster Ronald and hens Savannah and Camilla were rescued from a small aluminum shed with dangerously high temperatures and no water.

In the summer of 2013, rooster Ronald and hens Savannah and Camilla were confined to a small aluminum shed. Without protection from the sun, this shed reached extremely high temperatures (outside temperature was 35o Celsius).  To make things worse, they had no access to water. It was a miracle they survived. After their rescue, they were placed in our ‘New Arrivals’ area, a fenced enclosure permitting animals to adapt to the sights and sounds of their new home. The New Arrivals area allowed us to observe them and  address any health concerns before introducing them to the other residents. They soon recovered and cleaned themselves up, removing all physical traces of their former harsh life. They joined Bantam hens Jo and Beth, and shared their food and living space peacefully. Often, Savannah and Camilla roosted in the tree house, an activity that is important to their psychological welfare. Savannah and Camilla have passed on, likely living on in Ron’s memory, as in ours.